Located in Baton Rouge, Boccaccio Productions covers all of Louisiana and Mississippi, but occasionally do work in Texas, Alabama and even Florida. I have been shooting since 1981 and have owned my own company since 1991. I’ve shot in almost every situation from near the Arctic circle, in the eye of a hurricane and the swamps of south Louisiana.

I have two complete Sony Broadcast Betacam ENG packages, available with or without crews, which feature D-600s. All equipment is owned by me personally, so I take great care in maintaining the gear and making sure everything is working as it should. Each package contains a wide assortment of lighting and audio gear that come with the standard package. img

Besides having the best equipment in the area, I also work with the best freelancers and mukilteo locksmith available. We have a wide variety of shooting experiences including corporate and industrial videos, news, sports, documentary and commercial work for network, cable and local productions. If you find yourself needing a crew in the area or need support gear for your crews please give me a call. I hope we can work together on your next project.

Boccaccio is a member of the Society of Operating Cameramen. The SOC is an international association established to advance the art, craft and creative contribution of the operating cameramen and bring in industry leaders whose achievements have entitled them to membership.